All about betting handicaps

All about betting handicaps

Betting handicaps have been around for many years in the world of sports betting. They can be used in a number of different ways to help players find value when placing bets.

You can find handicap bets at almost all NJ Online Casino sites, a feature that makes them extremely popular. This article will cover all of the essential aspects that you need to know about handicap betting.

What are they?

Handicap bets are wagers that are applied to sports betting. Basically, they apply a handicap to a sporting event in order for the bettor to try and create a bet that is more suited to their needs. It can work in two different ways, a positive handicap, and a negative handicap. 

Positive handicaps

A positive handicap is when you shorten the odds of a bet in order to give yourself a better chance of winning. An example of this would be betting on an underdog in an Ice Hockey game. In that case, you might be offered odds of 5/1 for them to win the game. That would be a good level of payout, but the underdog is not that likely to win. So, you could get a handicap of +1.5 for the underdog team. That means that for the purpose of your bet, the underdog team would start the game with a score of 1.5. So it means as long as the worst they do in the game is to lose by a single goal, your bet will still win. The caveat that this bet offers is that your odds will most likely decrease. Perhaps you would be offered 3/1 on this wager.

It means that even though the odds that you are offered have decreased, you have a better chance of winning this wager because the underdog doesn’t actually need to win the game for your bet to win. A similar bet can be placed on other sports such as football, soccer, and even horse racing.

Negative handicaps

As you might suspect, a negative handicap works in precisely the opposite way of a positive handicap. It means that you can make a wager less likely to come in as a winner but increase the odds at the same time. An example of this would be placing a bet on the favorite to win a game of soccer. But you would get a handicap of -1.5. In this case, you might get odds of 2/5 for the favorite to win normally, but with a handicap of -1.5, you might be offered even money. To win this bet, the favorites would be required to win by at least two goals.

This allows bettors to place a bet on the favorite in the game while securing oddsthat would provide a worthwhile return. That is how bettors find value in games that don’t always have good odds on offer.